1.4 Million Laptops: An Election Promise

May 18, 2011 3:29 am

Hardware makers have a lot to cheer about the results of the recently concluded state assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, India.

“The cadre and supporters of AIADMK were not the only ones cheering when J Jayalalithaa took her oath as chief minister of Tamil Nadu on Monday. Ripples of her victory over rival DMK were also felt in the corporate world where laptop manufacturers, sensing an opportunity in her triumph, were proposing a toast to the mercurial actor-turned-politician.

The reason for their broad grins was Jayalalithaa’s campaign pledge to dole out free laptops to students of class XI and XII.

Considering that there are about 1.4 million students in the state eligible for this freebie, laptop-makers are looking at an order valued at between Rs 140 crore and Rs 350 crore from the state government. ”

Statistics Source: EconomicTimes

This is the best part: “Experts say an order of the size of 1.4 million units is unheard of in the computer hardware business. To put the figure in perspective, India sold a total of 2.5 million laptops and notebooks in 2009-10”

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