$1 Billion A Year: The Price Tag For The Default Search Engine In iOS

February 12, 2013 6:02 am

It is a very smart idea to build a platform. It is an even better idea to make it in the form a device and place it in the hands of half-a-billion people. When you do that, and retain the rights to be the gatekeeper of what goes in there, what you have is a goldmine, or a money minting machine in the fiat currency world. And that is exactly what Apple has achieved with this whole iOS thing – the one click customer base is there, and so is the platform. Just collect the cash and listen to Bob Dylan.

Remember those days when the browser was the platform and people negotiated on the price for the default search engine on the browser? (Forget the Netscape days, here is how much Google Pays to the Mozilla foundation to be the default search engine on Firefox). We spotted this price tag today – the amount Google pays to Apple every year, to be the default search engine – $1 Billion a year (Source)

Well that must be quite a few billions from Google to Apple, since we also know what Google pays Apple to be the default search box in the Safari browser. We told you Apple should just split into two.

How do we digest this default search engine stats? We don’t have to – ignorant of the billions made in our names, let us just search!

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