12 Million Minutes: Brand Engagement For Samsung Using Angry Birds

November 15, 2011 4:26 pm

One of our pet stats here at Statspotting has been Angry Birds. We have spotted how Angry Birds users can create wikipedia and other Angry Birds stats. We spotted this today:

“Media communications agency Starcom took an interesting and innovative approach with the recent global launch of the Samsung Galaxy SII by creating an exclusive level of the super-popular mobile game Angry Birds.

Starcom collaborated with Rovio to create the Galaxy SII level, with Samsung getting unrestricted access to the beloved Angry Birds characters. Rather than just a badged level, Starcom worked with Rovio and Enrich Mobile to offer a much more compelling, integrated experience and incidentally, the first ever Angry Birds level to be played in zero gravity.

The Angry Birds characters were used in mobile rich media units and video strategically placed throughout the Angry Birds mobile game. Samsung ran more than 14,000,000 rich media impressions within the Angry Birds game mainly in Europe, Asia and Australia, driving users through to a Samsung-owned mobile landing page, which acted as the hub of the campaign.”

Statisitcs Source: Mashable

Surprising number, this one. 12 Million Minutes!

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