13 Percent of The World’s Adults Want To Migrate To Another Country

May 4, 2012 1:18 pm

This has been a favorite stat spotting ground for all of us here at Statspotting – we had written about Chinese in canada stats and china immigration stats – we spotted this surprising stat today:

“Gallup – About 13% of the world’s adults — or more than 640 million people — say they would like to leave their country permanently. Roughly 150 million of them say they would like to move to the U.S. — giving it the undisputed title as the world’s most desired destination for potential migrants since Gallup started tracking these patterns in 2007. Large numbers are attracted to the United Kingdom (45 million), Canada (42 million), France (32 million), and Saudi Arabia (31 million).”

Statistics Source: NextBigFuture

We really do not know what to make out of this particular trend, except that there could be a boom in all the supporting industries.

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