20 Billion: The Number of Data Points Used To Recommend Books

September 15, 2011 12:11 pm

Big data is really the future. We can spot this trend everywhere – music recommendation engines are big users of big data. We spotted this today:

“The site’s new reading recommendations are generated using a set of propriety algorithms which look at over 20 billion different data points. Perhaps most importantly, it takes into account the stated preferences of of its nearly 6 million users, for whom rating books is already a key component of using the site.

“With Goodreads, it’s as if you combine your favorite librarian, your best friend, and a database of two million book titles into one person and ask ‘what should I read next?'” said Chandler. “We’re the Netflix of book recommendations. As members add more reviews and ratings, we keep improving our suggestions for them.”

Statistics Source: ReadWriteWeb

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