200,000: Unsold HP Touchpads Sitting In Best Buy Stores

August 17, 2011 6:46 pm

We spotted this today:

“According to AllThingsD, Best Buy may be sitting on a pile of over 200,000 unsold webOS TouchPads. And the retailer wants to send them back to HP.

Best Buy supposedly stocked their warehouses with about 270,000 TouchPad tablets, but the retailer can’t get its customers to buy them even with a $100 discount. Best Buy doesn’t want to get stuck holding the bag on these unsold tablets and is asking HP to take back every unit. The situation is so dire that HP’s Executive VP Todd Bradley may travel to Best Buy Headquarters and plead with the retailer’s executives to be patient.”

Statistics Source: Gizmodo

We have written about iPad statistics before.

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