$21 Trillion: Assets Lost To Global Tax Havens

July 23, 2012 6:02 pm

We had written a different version of this sometime back – that if you could just collect taxes on the offshore assets, you could end world poverty three times over. Just looking at the scale of these numbers makes us think about the kind of impact that a move like that could make.

We had spotted many stats on the number of millionaires in the world, and on how a very few wealthy people control much of whats happening in the world – we spotted this today –

“The world’s super-rich have taken advantage of lax tax rules to siphon off at least $21 trillion, and possibly as much as $32tn, from their home countries and hide it abroad – a sum larger than the entire American economy.”

Statistics Source: Guardian

The other number we know is that the number of billionaires in the world is not too high.

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