$27 Billion: What Apple Will Spend On Semiconductors In 2012

May 23, 2012 5:29 pm

We have always known that Apple is a huge and high-impact buyer of parts – for example, what apple spends on samsung parts is stunning. Well this Apple-supplier equation is expected, given how many iOS devices are out there – but we were still stunned when we spotted this today:

“Dale Ford, IHS iSuppli’s head of electronics and semiconductor research, made the prediction at the firm’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit, CNet reported on Tuesday. According to him, Apple is set to maintain a huge lead on second-place Samsung through at least 2013.

Apple jumped up from being the third-largest buyer of semiconductors in 2009 to the front of the pack in 2010. The firm estimates Apple spent $23 billion on semiconductors in 2011, over 50 percent more than its closest rivals. Ford noted that Apple’s microprocessor spending has risen from $9 billion in 2009 to a projected $27 billion this year and $29 billion next year. ”

Statistics Source: AppleInsider

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