6.5 Trillion: What Homeowners Lost Since 2006

May 10, 2011 2:29 pm

“When will this end” is what most ppl ask about falling house prices. We wrote about housing price statistics before, essentially pointing out how the fall has been ongoing for the last 57 months. Today we spotted this:

“American homeowners have lost $6.5 trillion in equity in those 57 months. Here is the data from the Fed Flow of Funds household balance sheet:

Homeowner’s equity:
2006: $12.8 trillion
2011: $6.3 trillion

Net decline: $6.5 trillion”

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2 Comments for “6.5 Trillion: What Homeowners Lost Since 2006”

  1. Prasad, Ram

    What do you project as the bottom….also we rarely hear about BRIC countries home prices…do you have any stats for this…so that some of these comparisons can be good…since there is more global flow of goods, services and people

  2. junior

    There are some data issues with BRIC countries, but point taken.

    We have a couple of those though e.g.

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