A Service That I would Definitely Pay For

April 6, 2013 4:53 pm

‘I would pay for something like that’ – is basically a wrong heuristic to come up with ideas for any service – but quite often, you just can’t resist saying that. So here is one service that I would definitely pay for: a service that would get me my first 100 (real and meaningful) users. For any consumer service built today, this is the flow of events (for a very good majority of folks building stuff. If you are funded and have CXOs, your path will obviously be different):

1. Conceptualize, validate etc
2. Build the service (MVP)
3. Launch
4. E-mail to a close circle to try it out and ‘spread the word’
5. Use social networks to spread the word
6. Submit to HN, Reddit and similar sites
7. (Maybe) reach out to some top bloggers in the domain
8. Wait.
9. Wait.
10. Wait.

We have written about this before – If Nobody Knows About Your Product, You Are Dead By Default. But here is the issue with people building stuff – they somehow turn out to be bad at shouting about what they have built.

So here is a neat little idea: Just provide a service promising 100 users (serious, real, meaningful users) for the service – just call it ‘yourfirst100users’ or something like that, have a simple form asking for what kind of users are expected, and figure out a way to get those users – maybe you can build a database of users willing to try out such stuff – you will be surprised to see how many folks would happily pay money to get those users. There are thousands of folks waiting to outsource this problem. Just do not make a spam machine.

Obviously, we are talking about meaningful users – not everyone is Google to get users to say #ifihadglass and pay for it – that is the kind of serious users that folks would pay for.

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