‘Learn To Hate The Status Quo’ And Other Short Suggestions

January 3, 2013 6:26 am

1. Learn To Hate The Status Quo – “Hating the status quo in everthing you come across leads you to an immediate next step – on how things can be improved. And that, when done with reasonable economic sense, is an unbeatable success formula.”

2. Hold On To That One Idea That Just Does Not Go Away – ” The ideas that come back – these are strong candidates to be the final idea that you work on. And the one idea that just does not go away – and you will know this since you just cannot erase it – that is THE one.”

3. Just Finish Everything – “but this is just the moment of transformation — now, here is where you are going to triple your efforts, read whatever you need to read, and finish it, no matter what — And if you don’t think this advice is true I have heard it personally from every single iconic computer person on the planet — the key to success is so simple — just finish everything.”

4. Do Not Go For A Consensus Accurate Prediction. You Cannot Make Money With A Consensus Accurate Prediction – “We don’t know about investment, but this would be a golden statement for startup ideas – you will probably never come up with a solid idea if you go for a consensus accurate prediction.”

5. Know Your Window of Peak Performance And Act Wisely. Baseball Players Do Not Because They Cannot. You? – “The second is for you, the individual, to know your window of peak performance and, most importantly, become a free agent when you are in that window.”

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