Always Be Creating

September 17, 2015 12:30 pm

In sales, ABC is a proven mantra – it is just simple, and powerful. Always Be Closing. The power of such simple mantras is that they communicate the message with zero ambiguity.

So here is a mantra for developers – Always Be Creating.

“This is why it’s important to exercise the idea muscle right now. If your idea muscle atrophies, then even at your lowest point you won’t have any ideas.

How long does it take this muscle to atrophy? The same as any other muscle in your body: just two weeks without having any ideas. Atrophied.

If you lie down in a bed for two weeks and don’t move your legs you will need physical therapy to walk again.” James Alutcher

The creative muscle is worse – it atrophies at a much faster rate than the idea machine. Do not let that happen. Always Be Creating. That is how you keep your creative muscle strong and active. That is how you know track the changes in the technology landscape. That is how you can separate hype from reality. That is how you can get to the signal amidst the noise.

ABC for developers – Always Be Creating.

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