You Will Never Know This, Maybe Even After You Die…

December 22, 2012 4:10 pm

Here is an interesting 30 second thought exercise.

Let us say you have this issue since you were born – the color RED appears to you as GREEN and vice-versa. So the first time when you went to school, the teacher showed you the color RED, which of course appeared to you as GREEN. She taught you to call it as RED and you have been calling it RED ever since, in spite of you seeing GREEN every single time. The same story holds for the color GREEN as well – you see RED, but you call it GREEN since that is what the teacher taught you the first time you saw that color. You even cleared the color blindness exam for your driver’s license, since you ‘called’ all the colors right. When you drive, when the signal is RED, you actually see GREEN, but since you call that color as RED, and you know you need to stop at RED, you stop.

Here is the thing: You will never know that you have this problem, till you die. WOW.

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