Android Statistics: Will Top 40 Percent Market Share In 2011

June 11, 2011 3:24 am

We spotted this in an IDC Report today:

“Android will command 40 percent market share through 2011, with growth tapering off to 44 percent by 2015. Apple iOS currently has 18 percent, RIM nets 14 percent and Nokia Symbian is at 20.6 percent and falling.

Google’s Android mobile-operating system should exceed 40 percent share of smartphones worldwide, with Samsung, HTC and Motorola leading the way with handsets based on the open-source platform, said IDC.”

Statistics Source: CIO Insight. We have written about app store statistics and android statistics before.

But we do have to remember these facts: Android has a higher app attrition rate than iOS and android paid app statistics that show that 97% of all Android downloads throughout its search properties were free apps, and that number has increased by 2%.

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