Angry Bird Users Can Create Wikipedia in 30 Days

March 8, 2011 7:38 am

If everyone playing Angry Bird starts working on putting together some knowledge about the world, they can create a complete wikipedia in 30 days. Yes, thats right. The COMPLETE WIKIPEDIA in 30 days.

The total number of hours consumed by Angry Birds players world-wide is roughly 200 million minutes a DAY, which translates into 1.2 billion hours a year. To compare, all person-hours spent creating and updating Wikipedia totals about 100 million hours over the entire life span of Wikipedia (Neiman Journalism Lab).

We have written about Angry Bird Statistics before. But this comparison is just mind blowing.

Statistics Source: Mauronewmedia

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5 Comments for “Angry Bird Users Can Create Wikipedia in 30 Days”

  1. You cant compare it like that. Consider the average scenarios one plays any game in: in transit, to break from boring work, television commercial breaks etc. Not exactly the scenarios one updates wikipedia articles in!

    The guys who maintain the Wiki are a dedicated bunch of people and comparing their work to the average Joe playing angry birds is not correct.

    In the same logic, do you think people spending time on Facebook can be employed for space exploration and easily put people on Mars in the near future? Unlikely.

  2. junior

    Thanks for that perspective. You do have a point, the comparison is not totally correct of course.

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