Angry Birds, Talking Tom Cat And 42 Million

December 27, 2010 8:26 pm

Imagine 41 Million Downloads in less than Six Months. That more or less is the number of times that all the ‘Talking Friends’ apps have managed to get downloaded across iOS and Android. TC had this report:

Outfit7, the company behind the ‘Talking Friends’ series of apps for iOS and Android, says it has reached 41 million downloads in less than six months since the first app was released. The download rate is accelerating at 10 million a month and the company’s CEO, Andrej Nabergoj, tells me they expect to hit 100 million downloads by the second quarter of 2011.

For your comparison: the oft-hyped Angry Birds apps have been downloaded roughly 42 million times to date – 12 million paid, 30 million free apps – only it took Rovio twice as long than it took Outfit7.

These are huge, huge numbers. (We were going to compare this to Harry Potter book sales but obviously that would not be a fair comparison – we need something that is free., and takes just as much time as using these apps)

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