Apple Buyout Rumors Make This Stock Jump 45 Percent

February 14, 2013 4:55 am

How is 45 percent for a jump? Yes, it is based on a rumor – but a hot rumor this time. Apple is rumored to be buying out this German TV manufacturer called Loewe – resulting in the stock price jumping from 2.72 Euros to 3.93 Euros in a single day (Source).

The secret that the world knows is that we will have an Apple TV (a real one, not the hobby) soon. So the rumor was hot for two reasons: Apple needs to move real fast here, and this rumor had actually surfaced in May 2012 so there is probably something happening here for real.

Apple has to prove that the product pipeline has not dried up, and a TV is something the market has already (kind of) decided that Apple is working on. A new kind of TV that changes the whole TV viewing experience, in ways that only Apple can do, could be just what Apple needs to get its stock price out of the trough it has gotten into. Apple TV remains a hobby for Apple, in spite of its recent promise.

Apple needs to act fast – Samsung already has a good presence in the market, and we already see lots of innovation from Samsung in terms of integration with its smart devices.

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