Apple Siri Statistics: Interesting Points

March 28, 2012 1:00 am

We had written about Apple Siri statistics before. We spotted this today:

1. 87% of those who own Apple’s iPhone 4S use at least one feature of its Siri virtual assistant monthly.

2. Roughly a third of 4S owners use Siri to place phone calls, send text messages, or look up information daily or almost daily.

3. Many other Siri services are getting little pickup, however. They include playing music and scheduling meetings. Thirty-two and 35% of 4S users, respectively, said they had never used Siri to perform those actions.

4. Email usage is pretty split, with 30% saying they have never used Siri to send an email while 26% say they use it to send email daily or almost daily.

5. Some 55% of 4S users said they were satisfied with Siri, 9% were unsatisfied, and the rest were somewhere in between.

Statistics Source: WSJ

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