Apple Takes 72% Of All Handset Profits With Only 21.7% Of Sales

February 8, 2013 7:44 am

Apple profits can make you go silent with shock sometimes. This is a trend that we have followed very closely here at Statspotting – back in August, we had written an article on similar lines – ‘Apple: The Smart Smartphone Maker

When it comes to being profitable, Apple is a very smart company. (If you think that is an obvious statement, read The ‘Jeff Bezos Reality Distortion Field’. Imagine, Apple did not exist in the handset industry until mid-2007. Today, we spotted this stat, that with just 21.7 percent of sales, Apple makes a whopping 72 percent of overall profits in the handset industry. (Source)

And here is the other surprise: Samsung got the rest of the profits, and everyone else got nothing. NOTHING. Okay, we kind of knew that already.

We tried to spot other industry data points where we could say ‘With only x percent of sales, XYZ company makes y percent of profits’ where y is more than 2x. We could not spot any. Do you know of any such XYZ company?

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