Apple TV Statistics: Did You Notice That Apple TV Sales Are Up 170 Percent?

August 16, 2012 2:05 pm

Apple TV statistics show us that it is still being considered a ‘hobby’ by Apple. Sales are definitely picking up, but overall, they are still very small. Apple TV is definitely not in the same league as Steve’s Devices – we spotted this today:

“Sales of Apple TV have been picking up, but are still small. The company sold 1.3 million in its quarter ending June 30, up 170% from the previous year.

In a recent earnings call, Mr. Cook said the company believes the device “will lead us somewhere.” The box offers programming purchased from iTunes and some streaming apps like Netflix Inc. NFLX -0.09% But it doesn’t offer the conventional channel lineup available through cable and satellite operators, limiting its usefulness.”

Statistics Source: WSJ

How do we digest these Apple TV Statistics? That is simple: Apple most definitely has a real TV in the works. It wouldn’t have remained a hobby for so long if that was not the case.

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