Apple’s 2010 Sales: Some Interesting Facts

February 3, 2011 2:02 am

We all know, Apple’s annual revenues for the fiscal year 2010 was 65 Billion USDs. We had tonnes of questions around that – whats the share of iPhone in that? Is Apple a computer company making music players and phones or is it the other way round? What percentage of Apple’s sales comes from US? Is Asia a big component? etc etc.

We have tried to present a few interesting facts below.

1. Apple makes 44 percent of its revenues from the US and the remaining from International Sales.
2. iPod and other music related services contribute to 20 percent of overall revenue. In other words, one-fifth of Apple is Music!
3. iPad is already contributing to 8 percent of Apple sales. Now thats how you introduce a new product !
4. Now, listen to this: 38.6 percent of Apple’s revenues come from iPhone and related accessories. Can you believe that? This product did not exist until June 2007 !
5. Portables (macbooks, macbook pros) contribute 17 percent of Apple sales, Desktops contribute 9.5 percent.

Statistics Source: Apple Investor Relations

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