Attn Mark Cuban: YouTube Could Be Worth $45.7 Billion

March 21, 2012 3:09 am

First, this quote from Mark Cuban:

“Would Google be crazy to buy Youtube. No doubt about it. Moronic would be an understatement of a lifetime.

Its not the big companies they would have to worry about the most. Its the little guy. Youtube would get sued by the thousands of rights holders who will seek the maximum amount per download from Youtube for their content.

This is where Youtube is really screwed. Youtube doesn’t stream. They use progressive download. So the damage claims are going to be per download and enormous.”

And we spotted this today:

“I just want to finish off by stating my belief that $8.7 billion is way too cheap for such a valuable web property, especially when companies with lower revenues like LinkedIn and Zynga are trading for near $10 billion, and Facebook is pricing at over $100 billion. In a recent social brand value analysis by BV4, a brand value ratings agency, Facebook checked in with the highest brand value of any social web property at $29.1 billion, with YouTube in second place at $13.3 billion. Assuming a $100 billion market cap for Facebook, and applying Facebook’s brand value to market cap ratio, that pegs YouTube at a $45.7 billion value.”

Statistics Source: Valuewalk

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