Auto Statistics: Vehicle Population By Country

August 23, 2011 2:37 am

We spotted a set of interesting facts on vehicle population today:

“The market explosion in China played a major role in overall vehicle population growth in 2010, with registrations jumping 27.5%. Total vehicles in operation in the country climbed by more than 16.8 million units, to slightly more than 78 million, accounting for nearly half the year’s global increase.

The leap in registrations gave China the world’s second-largest vehicle population, pushing it ahead of Japan, with 73.9 million units, for the first time.

India’s vehicle population underwent the second-largest growth rate, up 8.9% to 20.8 million units, compared with 19.1 million in 2009.”

How do we digest these numbers? Let us try this – we have written about the total number of cars in the US – 246 Million.

So here is the comparison – “What’s stunning is how far countries like China and India still have to go. Right now, there’s one car in China for every 17.2 people, compared with one car for every 1.3 people in the United States.”

Statistics Source: WashingtonPost

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