‘Bang With Friends’ Stats: Adding Five Users Per Minute

February 12, 2013 5:34 am

Groupon was a phenomenon. Then we had Pinterest. But once in a while we spot stunning growth in some apps that do not get that kind of attention – so for example, we had written about the app that crossed 100 million users in 19 months . We spotted one such number today, and following the ‘x users every y minutes’ method, we have a new number: five users per minute (Source: Mashable Via PandoDaily

‘Bang With Friends’ Stats could surprise many. The app, in spite of its controversial launch has some 30,000 plus users now, and is adding 5 users per minute.

Various flavors of dating apps on mobile is fast becoming a trend. Add location and availability APIs to the mix, and suddenly the whole trend seems to make sense.

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