Bangalore (India) Has The Most Google Plus Users In The World

February 15, 2012 12:15 pm

We spotted this stunning statistic today:

“-The United States and India are the two countries with the most Google+ users, as the U.S. accounts for 31.5% while India accounts for 13.7%. The Indian city of Bangalore has the most Google+ users of any individual city, accounting for 3.86% of all Google+ users.”

Statistics Source: NetworkWorld

We had spotted multiple Google plus stats before.

How do we digest this number? Try this: Every Sixth Google Plus User is From India. One in 25 Users is from Bangalore. Interesting!

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3 Comments for “Bangalore (India) Has The Most Google Plus Users In The World”

  1. Vinod

    Every 25th user is from Bangalore. Every 6th user is from India 🙂 .. But interesting stat indeed…

  2. Jackson

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Bangalore comprises 3.86% of all Google+ users, that is NOT 1 in every 6. It is, more closely, less than 1 in every 25. Or is this new math? India as a whole is just under 1 in 7 users.

  3. Jackson

    Actually, not that interesting at all when you consider that India is 17% of the global population (or, less than 1 in 6) and the fact that it is basically unusable in China (not blocked, just slowed tremendously). So, essentially, India actually under-indexes in its share globally. I know this is oversimplified, but we have to be very careful when we are “surprised” that India has the largest share of anything. This is actually as expected, or possibly even less.

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