Basab Pradhan: Classic Confirmation Error

April 7, 2011 6:30 am

[Update] Well, the error was on our side – Basab confirms this was a joke. Missing Smiley Exception, Basab 🙂

Confirmation Error Definition: “you look for instances that confirm your beliefs, your construction (or model) –and find them.”

So this Tweet from Basab Pradhan: China surreptitiously injects liquidity into Germany . Which explains the red hot German economy. | BBC #fb is a classic example.

Basab seems to have just gone looking for some evidence for the fact that German Economy is hot for non-obvious reasons, and has found this one.

Where has he gone wrong? Obviously, how can just 6Million Euros – 8.6 Million USDs make the 3.3 Trillion USD red hot?

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