Big Data Statistics: 96 Percent Of Big Data Sits Behind Corporate Firewalls

February 5, 2013 12:48 pm

Big Data statistics can surprise you. Take this one for example: did you know that only 0.5 percent of this so called ‘big data’ is being analyzed as of now? We spotted one statistic today, that gives us a picture of the ‘recency’ of this whole big data phenomenon.

This would help us picture Big Data right when we hear about it the next time – we already know that most of this is recent data – 90 percent of this data has been created in the last two years. And here is what we spotted today – that some 96 percent of this ‘Big Data’ actually sits behind corporate firewalls, and only 0.5 percent of data overall is being analyzed as of now (Source)

How do we digest these Big Data statistics? With Big Data, we have not even seen the tip of the iceberg. Enterprises seem to know this: that is probably why it is the top technology priority for CIOs in 2013.

With such a huge expansion possibility, tools and software for big data would crowd the market very soon. What makes this more interesting, is that the rate at which data is getting generated only seems to be increasing at an increasing pace – such acceleration ensures that the business of picking up business signals from all this data is a goldmine, when done right. And that is true across domains, although there might be a few big ones, like finance and healthcare.

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