Big Data Statistics: GE Is Pouring $1 billion Into A Facility In Calif.

April 27, 2012 1:59 pm

We had spotted some big data stats in the past. We also have spotted multiple cloud statistics – total cloud computing revenue. Yes, Big data and cloud are really just distant cousins, but the relationship is just getting stronger. we spotted this today:

“The big thing Ruh is referring to is called “big data,” the fast-growing market for information technology systems that can sift through massive amounts of data to help companies make better decisions. Just as information on millions of Facebook users is prized by advertisers, the details companies amass from their operations can be used to cut costs and boost profits. Norfolk Southern (NSC), which buys diesel locomotives from the Fairfield (Conn.) company, uses customized software to monitor rail traffic, reducing congestion and allowing trains to move at higher speeds. The fourth-largest U.S. railroad estimates that making trains run an average of 1 mile per hour faster will save more than $200 million.”

Statistics Source: BW

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