‘Build A Christmas Gift’

February 16, 2013 6:20 am

If you had asked Steve Jobs to describe his product strategy, this would be it – Build something that would be a good gift for Christmas. Why does this simple product strategy work?

1. Price: Yes, people are concerned about prices. But a Christmas gift for someone you love – you will probably stretch a little more. If you had looked at those reports from iSuppli and wondered how can someone make a product whose parts add up to X but can sell it at 3X – this is part of the answer you were looking for. This flexibility in pricing is given only to a selective set of sellers – people who make gifts are among those select few.

2. Quality: You would automatically shoot for the best product. Who would want their Christmas gift to be ordinary? It needs to feel special. It has to feel great when you unbox it and finally hold it in your hands. Think about how that iDevice felt in your hands when you unboxed that gift last Christmas. You know what we are talking about. Taste, Design and basically everything Apple.

3. Demand: That one is easy. A Christmas gift is basically a gift – It can be a birthday gift. A wedding anniversary gift. A farewell gift. And these things happen every day. And Christmas is guaranteed to happen every year.

If you look at these three points – Price, Quality and Demand – basically those are the ingredients for a successful product.

Build A Christmas Gift. History proves that it is a winning strategy.

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