Calling Steve Jobs ‘Lucky’ Would Be A Sin

December 22, 2012 5:46 am

Bryan Goldberg has an article on PandoDaily with a strange title – ‘Let’s admit it – Steve Jobs was lucky’. The summary of the argument is this:

“..everything he accomplished was — at its core — a beautifully and fortunately timed sequence of events that were built upon technological breakthroughs that he did not create.
There are real problems with Apple. They are problems that Steve Jobs would not be able to solve today. Just as he would not have been able to navigate the 1985 – 1996 period.
Steve Jobs was lucky to be gone during those bitter 12 years. And Tim Cook is unlucky to have inherited this company at precisely the wrong time.”

This perspective is wrong in so many ways, I really do not know where to start. Steve Jobs reinvented whole industries, not products, during the worst economic times since the great depression. He made products that people paid premium prices for, during these tough times. When he left, Apple was in great shape – you just cannot compare the Apple that Tim Cook inherited from Steve Jobs with the Apple that Steve Jobs inherited from Gil Amelio.

You need to be lucky to be successful. And to be as successful as Steve Jobs, you need to be very lucky. Very lucky, to have the opportunities that he had. But to just call him lucky, would be ignoring the hundreds of thousands of right decisions he made, across the spectrum – from making the iPhone before the iPad, to fixing the Google logo on the iPhone.

To call Steve Jobs lucky, would be a sin.

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