China-U.S Trade Deficit Will Touch 300 Billion USDs For 2011

November 11, 2011 7:00 pm

We have written about China Trade Surpplus statistics before, and how China’s exports compare with India’s imports – we spotted this today:

“For the 2011 year to date, the trade deficit with China is $217.38 billion. China is 39.95% of the total goods accumulated trade deficit, which again includes petroleum imports on aggregate. The trade deficit with China for 2011 has already exceeded the September 2010 accumulated China-U.S. trade deficit of $201.60 billion by $15.78 billion or 7.83%. We have 3 months to go for 2011. The record trade deficit for China of 2010 was $273.06 billion. Assuming $28 billion for the next 3 months, assuming the same cyclical pattern of 2010, of monthly trade deficits with China, we’re looking at a potential $300 billion 2011 China-U.S. trade deficit. ”

Statistics Source: EconomicPopulist

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