Consumer Web Statistics: Reaching A Million Users In A Consumer Play

August 29, 2011 4:59 am

We have written about foursquare statistics and facebook statistics before. We spotted this today:

“In the United States, if you want to reach a million users in a consumer play, you need to convince one in 260 people to use your product. In China, you’ve got to get just under one in 400 people to get on board. But if your startup is pitching to users in the UK, you’ve got to achieve more than 5 times the penetration of the US. The same goes for France—it might be close to the UK, but as a market it might as well be in another galaxy. Germany is only slightly better. And in my homeland, Australia, you’ve got to achieve almost 20 times the penetration as in the US—to get to a million users, you need to be able to convince 5 people on that bus you caught to the city to use your product—profitably, and scalable across the entire market.”

Statistics Source: TC

Very good way of looking at Enterprise IT vs Consumer web.

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