Data Center Statistics: AOL Has As Many Servers As Facebook

November 15, 2011 4:40 pm

One of the things we try to do here at Statspotting is to “digest” stats – let us take this one, for example. We spotted this today:

“AOL runs about 60,000 servers, Manos said, which are spread across five primary data centers in North America and Europe.”

Statistics Source: DataCenterKnowledge

How do we digest this number? 60,000 Servers is a huge number. But how huge? Let us try this: we know a service that takes up one fourth of all our time online – how many servers does it have?

“In a presentation in November 2009, Facebook vice president of technology Jeff Rothschild disclosed that the company had more than 30,000 servers. Cook’s chart shows a brief plateau in Facebook’s server growth at about that time, followed by a sharp upward spike in the growth line through the first quarter of 2010 that effectively doubles the total number of servers.

That suggests that Facebook now has 60,000 or more servers. ”

Agreed, that is as of last year – but the data indicates something, for sure.

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