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March 8, 2011 4:50 am

A Monetization Goal of 1 Million USD Per Million Monthly Uniques. We got some amazing stats from Business Insider today that we thought we’ll summarize below. We did some additional searches to pull out some more numbers to get the complete picture. All these are numbers for 2010.

Business Insider: 45 Employees, 8 Million Monthly Uniques, 4.8 Million USD Revenue
The Atlantic: 5.1 Million Monthly Uniques, 6.1 Million USD Revenue
TechCrunch: 50 Employees, 10 Million Monthly Uniques, 10 Million USD Revenue
Mashable: 12 Million Monthly Uniques, 10 Million USD Revenue
Gawker Media:20 Million Monthly Uniques, 25 Million USD Revenue
Huffington Post: 25 Million Monthly Uniques, 30 Million USD Revenue

So one monetization goal for these guys obviously is more 1 Million Per Million Monthly Uniques. Anything more than that is good, based on these numbers.

Statistics Source: BI., Google.

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