Do You Know Of Any Website That Does This?

December 21, 2012 2:41 pm

We spotted this on James Altucher’s blog:

“He describes more. Every aspect of the experience: arriving, leaving, going to the bathroom, eating, the physical setting around you, the way you navigate that setting, is totally the opposite of what you might expect. A desk might appear on your table. A key for the desk might be underneath your plate. Every person has a different experience. “People tell me everyone should have the same experience,” he said, “but that’s what people expect. It’s better when there’s simply no rules and you have no idea what to expect.”

“Why should there be rules,” he said. “Why should everyone have the same experience?” ”

On the Internet we have rules – ‘UI standards’ – do you know of any website other than virtual worlds that promises a totally different experience for everyone, or a totally different experience than what you see on other websites on the Internet?

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