Double Down On Your Bright Spots

November 9, 2015 5:03 am

Here is something that is undeniable – there will always be bright spots in anything that you are working on – the tricky part is that in most cases, they might not be directly related to the thing you are working towards – and that makes it extremely difficult to notice these bright spots. Not only should you take the additional effort required to spot these bright spots, you should do all you can (including just throwing away the stuff that you are working on if needed) to double down on these bright spots.

Flickr, Slack, Twitter – these were all bright spots that the folks running the entities where these showed up were confident enough to double down on. And this concept of doubling down is applicable to elements in your skillset, areas in your project as well as ideas in your company – bright spots can be anywhere.

Double Down On Your Bright Spots. It is a proven recipe for success, no matter where these spots are hidden.

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