Education Equals Employment? Statistics Say So.

May 8, 2011 2:07 pm

“Sending Kids to College” is truly important. Here is why.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released detailed statistics on Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment – here is what we spotted:

Unemployment Rate for

Less than a high school diploma: 14.6
High School Graduates, no college: 9.7
Some college or associate degree: 7.5
Bachelor’s degree and higher: 4.5

Statistics here

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4 Comments for “Education Equals Employment? Statistics Say So.”

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  2. Agree. There is so much research supporting this conclusion. The key is identifying which college and therefore how much to spend on education. Is a community college worth it or should you spend $100k or more to get a name brand education! You too have an article with statistics on the class of 2011 being most indebted!

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