Every Single Day, Facebook Eats Up All The Energy Of ‘Content Generating’ Users

March 18, 2013 9:29 am

Here is a painful fact about concepts powered by ‘UGC’ (user generated content): If you manage to get 100 people to visit your site / download your app, 90 of them will just consume content (totally passive consumption). 9 of them might comment / participate very lightly (slightly non-passive consumption) and if you are lucky – 1 out of 100 will create content. The funny thing about UGC is this: it is a very special type of person who will share some stuff for the ‘public good’ – for instance, sit and write a restaurant review, when there could literally be nothing in it for her. (Obviously we are talking about services that have not reached critical mass).

And here is what adds to the pain – every single day, the content generating user spends most or all of her energy on Facebook. Consuming and sharing content – when she is done with her daily Facebook ritual, there is zero energy left to login to your site or open up you app and ‘create’ anything. She will open up your app and consume some stuff maybe – but there is no energy left to create – after all that liking, commenting and what not, on Facebook. And we are talking about that 1 in 100 who is expected to contribute – and hence make your concept work.

If you are trying to get something off the ground and have based it on the assumption that 1 in 100 would come along to create stuff – unless you make that activity a part of the Facebook ritual, be prepared to see zero user content getting created. Not because people do not like doing it – but because they spent all their energy clicking ‘like’ on Facebook.

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