Andreessen: ‘Every Single Idea From The Dotcom Era Was Correct’

December 14, 2012 7:58 am

An interesting debate is brewing in the VC community.

Marc Andreessen made a statement recently that could be a goldmine for idea hunters –

“One of my working theories right now is basically every single idea from the dotcom era was correct.”
Link: Marc Andreessen on Dotcom Era Ideas
His basic theory is that all ideas then were right, but the timing was off in many cases. For example, his own startup, LoudCloud.

And Fred Wilson responds: “That is nonsense. I can name five I funded that were outright ridiculous”

Source: Comments on Fred’s Post – here and here.

Is Marc Andreessen right? Is it possible that every single idea from the dotcom era would succeed some day? Well, if we think of Instacart, Bitcoins, Tumblr … we would have to agree with Marc Andreessen.

Or, do you think Fred has a point – in which case, do we have examples from the Dotcom era that would not succeed today, and would not succeed in the years to come?

If pmarca is right, we would add another heuristic to PG’s ‘Startup Ideas’ (we had spotted one missing heuristic earlier): Pick up a copy of Kaplan’s F’ed Companies Book.

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