Facebook Cannot Be The ‘Facebook For X’

August 1, 2015 6:07 pm

The whole concept of ‘One Universal Social Network For All’ is very intriguing. We might be seeing a local maximum in the evolution of online / virtual social networks – but human beings do not function that way. We have different roles in life – spouse, mother, father, friend .. too many to list – and the lines between each of these are too complex to be handled by a collection of settings. We see this happen everyday – something you post intending to project an image of you to a certain circle / sphere getting seen / interpreted by a totally different circle /sphere resulting in a sub-optimal outcome overall.

It’s just not how we are wired. There are Muliple Me’s on the Internet – what we are seeing today, with ‘Facebook will be the Facebook for X’, is definitely a local maximum.

Do not lose hope. Facebook Cannot Be The ‘Facebook For X’.

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  1. ahoving

    increasingly, we are one me. it is more efficient

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