Foursquare Statistics: 35 Check-Ins Every Second on Foursquare Day

April 18, 2011 1:51 pm

April 16, cleverly marketed as “FourSquare Day 4/16” – saw record check-ins for the service, more than 3 Million check-ins.

“Saturday April 16th was not just officially recognized as “Foursquare Day” by fourteen different cities this year, including the company’s home base of New York City, but it also marked the busiest day the service has ever recorded, with more than three million checkins around the world – the first time this number has been achieved.”

Statistics Source: Louis Gray.

Thats an amazing number – how do we digest the scale implied by this statistic? Lets try the Steve Jobs method – 3 Million Check-ins is roughly 35 check-ins every second.

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