‘Give Yourself Enough Time To Get Lucky’

April 22, 2013 2:00 pm

Here is some very valuable advice, from Vinod Khosla: While the willingness to fail is important, it is also very important to give yourself enough time to get lucky. Here are the top three things to think about before you open up the IDE:

1. Be willing to fail. The ability to succeed comes from the willingness to fail. (Vinod Khosla)
2. ‘Do Not Make Success Inconsequential’ (Vinod Khosla)
3. Give Yourself Enough Time To Get Lucky

That last point – giving yourself enough time – is key. Things will always take more time than what you had planned for. In reality, the second and third points are very closely related – choose the problem very carefully, and give yourself enough time to solve it. You will get lucky.

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