Go For The Holy Grail

July 4, 2015 3:41 pm

It is actually very simple to define the holy grail for any problem that can be solved with technology. Google is the holy grail for search. You key in what you want and you are presented with the best possible match. YouTube is the holy grail for online video – click to watch. StackoverFlow is the holy grail for technology questions – if you see someone else had the same problem, you can read how they solved it.

Many, many teams had tried to solve each of these problems – but for some reason, they did not go for the holy grail, even though they knew what the holy grail would be. Here is what you need to remember – if you get anywhere close to the holy grail, you would have created a Google.

Here is a simple heuristic for creating that monster of a solution in your field:

1. Define the holy grail for the problem you are trying to solve.
2. Go for it.

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