Groupon Market Cap: 17.8 Billion USD At First Trade

November 4, 2011 6:03 pm

This has been a much anticipated IPO, and it has been great news for Groupon so far: a 40 percent pop, to give a market cap of 17.8 Billion USD. Thats right – a full three times the money offered by Google.

“The company — which trades under the ticker $GRPN — priced its shares at $20 last night, but began trading at $28, an increase of 40%.

Like LinkedIn, Groupon is only floating a small amount of shares, 35 million – about 5.5% of its 637.3 million shares outstanding. The first trade would pin its market cap at 17.8 billion, with a 980 million raise.”

Statistics Source: TC

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