Hedge Fund Statistics: Total Assets Under Management At 2 Trillion

May 10, 2012 5:05 pm

2 Trillion USDs. That, as of April 2011, is the total assets under management of hedge funds. If you think who is moving the markets and hence the economy and hence the country and hence the world, look no further. The 225 guys are doing it. No questions please.

“During the first decade of the new century, hedge funds regained popularity worldwide and in 2008, the worldwide industry held $1.93 trillion in assets under management.[12][13] However the 2008 credit crunch was hard on hedge funds and they declined in value and hampered “liquidity in some markets” causing some hedge funds to restrict investor withdrawals.[14]
Total assets under management then rebounded and in April 2011 were estimated at almost $2 trillion.[15][16] As of January 1, 2011, the largest 225 hedge fund managers in the United States alone held almost $1.3 trillion.[17] with the largest hedge fund manager, Bridgewater Associates having $58.9 billion.[18] In 2011, the largest hedge funds were Bridgewater Associates ($58.9 billion), Man Group ($39.2 billion), Paulson & Co. ($35.1 billion), Brevan Howard ($31 billion), and Och-Ziff ($29.4 billion).[19] As of February 2011, 61% of worldwide investment in hedge funds comes from institutional sources.[20]”

Statistics Source: Wikipedia.

How do we digest this stat at all? Can we? We have already written about how much taxes the wealthy pay and how how John Paulson paid zero taxes.

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