Here Is Why You Should Build Smartphone Apps For The Indian Market

January 4, 2013 6:55 am

PG says Startup = Growth. Mary Meeker used the following chart to show how mobile Internet usage in India has crossed over desktop Internet usage.

(Image Source: The Hindu BusinessLine). We had spotted a couple of stats from the Report – under ‘The Anomaly called India’.

If startup = growth, here is why you should absolutely be building smartphone apps for the Indian market now:

1. With 44 million smartphone users in Q4 of 2012, India is the fifth largest smartphone market globally. India follows China, the US, Japan and Brazil. However, with just four per cent of the total mobile subscribers being smartphone users, the country’s year-on-year growth in smartphones is pegged at 52 per cent, higher than China and the US.

2. 50 Percent of the India’s 1.2 billion plus population is under 25 years of age (Source)- generally the sweet spot for device adaption and usage.

3. An ‘affordable smartphone revolution’ is underway in India – some pointers – manufacturers lowering prices and Intel’s plan to get affordable smartphones to India.

There are many challenges though, but purely from a growth standpoint, the case for the Indian smartphone app looks solid.

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