Hollywood Lost Two Dollars To Piracy For Every Dollar In Revenue In 2012

February 4, 2013 5:35 am

We had spotted some statistics on software piracy some time back – today we spotted some stats on movie piracy specific to Hollywood, and managed to see the relative scale as well.

Hollywood made some $10.8 billion in revenue in North America in 2012. And it lost close to $20.5 billion due to movie piracy (Source)

One recent example would be Kim Dotcom’s Mega, which claims to host some 50 million plus non-infringing files already. But many other sites that link to Mega’s site, think that the content is hosted there illegally (Source)

[As many commenters have pointed out, there are multiple ways these Revenue numbers are counted, which might make the way we chose to compare this stat debatable. We plan to do a follow-up post, focusing solely on how Hollywood Revenue is counted, some time soon]

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5 Comments for “Hollywood Lost Two Dollars To Piracy For Every Dollar In Revenue In 2012”

  1. Rohit Satoskar

    The BBC story quotes a study by the Institute for Policy Innovation, a right-wing think tank founded by Dick Armey, Their estimates came from LEK Consulting, which did the research for the MPAA. Is this the customary level of intellectual rigor in use on your site?

  2. junior

    Thanks for pointing that out. We will look into the data sources, and publish a follow-up as required.

  3. Gil Gilliam

    The $10.8B is for theatrical exhibition revenues only, so completely misses DVD, Pay TV, streaming, merchandising, and other revenue stream for “Hollywood.”

    Hopefully, you can find a liberal-approved source for your data, because apparently the open-minded readers of the left persuasion aren’t capable of looking past their ideological fixations on any point. Stay classy, you paragons of intellectual rigor and non-groupthink.

  4. Rohit Satoskar

    I used the adjective “right-wing”, because modern conservativsm is a hotbed of (as a former White Hosue Aide to George W. Bush termed it) epistemic closure.

    The most recent demonstration of the right-wing hostility to data was the months-long protests of Nate SIlver”s projections of the 2012 election. Faced with almost unanimous poll results that said Barack Obama would win both the popular vote and the electoral vote, right-wing groups (including Armey’s) charged SIlver and the New York Times with deliberately slanting the data to produce false results. The results turned out to be absolutely correct.

    Due to its ideological bent, Armey’s group pumps out a steady stream of misinformation– demonstrably false material– about climate change, gun violence, birth control, the crime rate, the federal deficit, anti-crime measures, educational methodology and nutrition, to name a few/

    A site that claims to be providing valuable statistical data needs to know who the trustworthy sources are and triple-check claims from sources with an agenda. If this site simply intends to pull unverified or slanted data off the Internet and knit it together to form nonsense, then it’s a waste of time– and a contributor to the problem it claims to want to solve.

  5. junior

    Well, we can agree to differ on a couple of points, the ones related to Nate Silver for example –


    But your bigger point on data sources is well taken, we will actively work on getting that part right.

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