How Will Mark’s Bar Ever Make Money?

December 2, 2012 2:22 pm

Mark’s bar has been buzzing with activity for quite some time now. It is actually the most crowded bar in town. But they do not sell anything. And since people come there generally to see how their pals are doing, they are generally in a partying mood wanting to show off stuff. So they are not willing to notice anyone trying to sell them anything, and mostly they are busy with themselves and others. The people who have tried to sell stuff here are fast realizing that they are better off spending their money elsewhere. And new groups are coming up capturing what people liked, asking them to just tell them what they liked and hence would buy, therefore taking away the sellers with them.

The bar however is constructing multiple roads to get to the bar, and is expanding always. Soon, everyone on the planet who can get to the bar will be at the bar, merrily sharing stuff with friends, as always. But what they would like to buy, they share elsewhere. And the bar does not sell anything yet. Issue is, there are other bars within a second’s distance who this bar can never beat, on availability, price, choice, you name it.

How does this bar make money, ever?

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