If Nobody Knows About Your Product, You Are Dead By Default

March 13, 2013 10:36 am

If you just split up your set of activities into ‘building’ and ‘selling’, it appears that both parts are equally important – in fact, an argument could be made that ‘building’ is more important – since a quality product is absolutely essential for people to stick around. A quality product is absolutely essential to get positive buzz. And so on and so forth.

Let us say you have an MVP, and you are now starting off on the tough part: getting users for your product – creating some buzz around it. This part is not fun: mainly because it involves the most dreaded reaction of all: rejection. And negative feedback. Worse, indifference. Anybody would rather be back to the IDE adding that new feature than trying to convince a blogger to write about their product. It is very hard to feel like a spammer.

But here is a simple truth that is mostly just ignored: (assuming you have an MVP) – if nobody knows about your product, you are dead by default. You can fix bugs, add features and so on – the ‘building’ is actually a lifelong activity – funny, it takes quite a while for this truth to sink in, and even when it does, it is mostly just ignored. Initial rejections are given more importance than they deserve – primarily because those are the first few rejections, and can be easily misinterpreted as ‘market reactions’. ‘Fear’ is a stronger reaction than ‘Greed’ – we are just wired that way.

Do not build yet another service / product and just give up once the ‘building’ part is over. (Talking about that, you might be interested in ‘Just Finish Everything’). The ‘selling’ part is not fun – but it is absolutely essential. If you do not give it your best shot, you are dead by default. If it means that your defect fixes and feature additions wait for a month or so while you try to get users – let it be so. When you look back, that would be the best turn you took in the journey.

Just close the IDE and fire up your email client. Because If nobody knows about your product, you are dead by default.

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