PayPal Repeats MapQuest’s Mistakes

December 15, 2011 7:05 am

At one point in time, MapQuest was the king of directions on the web. Locations, geography, directions, maps – it was all MapQuest. But they never built any layer of intelligence on top of the data they had – no tagging for quite some time, no commercial mapping of interests/availability – no walkscore type apps possible bcos of no api for quite some time – no social layer (check-ins, anyone?) – tonnes of mistakes. So what happened? Google Maps, Foursquare.. you name it.

In a lot of ways, PayPal is repeating the mistakes that MapQuest did. It has been sitting on top of customer buying methods and preferences for ages, but no intelligence layer added. For all the data they had, they could have been a blippy (okay, not blippy) or a Square or a Mint or a … you name it.

We spotted this today:

” EBay Inc.’s PayPal business, aiming to challenge Groupon Inc. and in the market for online daily deals, plans to start offering coupons tailored to users’ buying habits and mobile-phone locations.

The company will make its first foray into mobile deals in the first quarter of 2012, partnering with some of the top 200 U.S. merchants, PayPal President Scott Thompson said. PayPal is chasing a daily coupon market that may more than double to $4.17 billion by 2015, according to research firm BIA/Kelsey.”

Statistics Source: BusinessWeek

Our reaction: Finally.

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